At BR Custom Woodcraft, we can make any project, from kitchen cabinets to custom furniture, go faster smoother and be more cost effective for you. Each project is handcrafted and reflects our meticulous attention to detail. With our network of contractors, we can take care of the finding, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, painting, and any other necessary work. We place special emphasis on cost efficiency and quality standards.

We are located at 203 James Street in Wales, Wisconsin next to GIR Industries. Our 3,000 square foot building features a showroom with examples of furniture, different cabinet styles and some of the retail products that we produce. There are also samples of the choices that go into cabinets or furniture, such as knobs, drawer slides, drawers, doors, moldings and accessories. The shop is full of all the best woodworking tools and the craftsman to make our product go together fast and easy and with a tolerance level of + or – 1/64 of an inch.

Design Center

BR Custom Woodcraft uses the most up to date technology to design your dream project. With help from custom computer assisted drawings, we can show you your project before it’s started. We offer this service even if you choose to have your project built somewhere else.


Each molding is a unique design of fine craftsmanship, precision cut from the finest wood. Combining moldings and colors will bring any room to life. From the most basic chair rails to an elegant selection of crown moldings, you can find it all here.


Cabinet Hardware can easily change the overall look of a room. Updated knobs, handles and pulls dramatically improve the appearance of cabinets. We have scouted out the best in quality and variety and can assist you in making the right choice.


From classic to contemporary, our cabinet styles work with
any taste or budget. And our efficiency of production allows us to consistently offer you the most competitive pricing in the industry. From design to production to delivery, our highly skilled craftsmen are dedicated to building cabinets that perform and last. That's why we use more solid wood throughout our cabinets than any other cabinet manufacturer in the area. Our cabinets meet or exceeding the strictest standards in the industry, making them truly "family-proof.